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Leadership for the Technological Era


Today we jump straight into our topic. Two students David and Jared join me on our talk about how to create an expert brand. These two students were given an assignment by a professor to display some content for viewing online. They went a step further and took the time to make a unique video about their experience as new students at the University where they met our host. We thought having them join a show was a great way to talk to you about this newly evolving need for a virtual presence in the technology era. With social media and online content now a common place in the business world employers are using social profiles to decide who to hire and how to value employees. In this day and age Technological Era leadership has become taking control of your own image and brand on social platforms.
Hear from our two students some thoughts on how to take control of their online presence and use their university time wisely to build an Expert Brand.
-Thank you David and Jared for joining today
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Today's Guest Dustin Matthew was deathly afraid of public speaking. The first time he was required to speak publicly he pursued an elaborate alternative that required much more work just to get out of the having to speak. Now Dustin is one of the partners of <a href="http://www.speakingempire.com/">SpeakingEmpire,</a> a company that teaches people how to enhance business through public speaking.

Learn from Dustin, find out how he overcame the fear of public speaking to become a person that trains others to speak publically.

I personally took a lot from Dustin's advice and will definitely be able to put some of those items into practice with my own business.

-Thank you Dustin for your advice.

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Todays Guest Greg Cook is one of the founders of “The Pikes Peak Makerspace” This exciting new concept which he describes as a gym membership for artist is basically a new type of business model which I would describe as shared manufacturing resources


Greg gives us many great tips for getting plugged into the startup community in the local Colorado Springs area. However don’t think it is just about local efforts. His advice and experience in the startup community is something you will not want to miss. As the founder of a new startup himself Greg explains his plans for literally creating a better mouse trap.

Check out the Pikes Peak Makerspace

Also mentioned on the podcast 101010.net


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Todays Guest Dr. Randell Bjork MD is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. He has an interesting perspective that Asperger's Syndrome is something what we achieve in life and should all aspire to do so. His insight into how human social interaction and studies in neurology come together is just exciting.

Dr. Bjork talks about new treatment for trauma and PTSD that is exceptionally effective with an 80% success rates even with extreme cases. This is a Podcast you will not want to miss.

Thanks Dr. Bjork, this is definitely one of my favorite episodes of all time.

To get in contact with Dr. Bjork call: (303) 731-4415
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Todays Guest Gigi Schweikert is an expert in Early Childhood Development. She says "Everything she has done in her Career and personal life has to do with Children" Her advice is to follow your passion and the money will follow.

She says that the greatest way to make an impact on training young people is by training the leaders to teach them. As a best selling author with 22 books to her name, Gigi definitely has the influence to do so.

We hope you enjoy the overabundance of knowledge and insight that she brings.
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Todays Guest Kyle Hendrix is Founder of “Bricks and Mortar Leadership”  His unique brand or leadership can best be explained as one on one coaching on creating your individual brand. His passion is to make each or his clients the most effective in their own market.

This exceptional gift  and style of leadership is resonating truly needed in the modern era, he says don't try to copy what others are doing but make your own market.  

Listen as Kyle gives us one of the best quotes for young people in the workforce that I have heard in some time. It is truly worthy of a John F. Kennedy speech.

He tells young people: “Don't Ask What You Can Do With Your Educations, But Ask How Many People You Can Help With Your Passion.”

Hats off to Kyle and his work.

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Logic Central Recently attended the Annual Space Symposium at the Beautiful Broadmoor Hotel In Colorado Springs, CO. Our COO has some great incite on what he heard and experienced at the event. If you could not attend then you definitely will not want to miss this.

This years theme also fit well with our focus on Socio-Tech. If you are not familiar with the Socio-Technological Revolution check out our podcast where we define this new trend.

  • Some of the topics you will hear include:
  • NASA priorities include Standardization of air traffic control
  • UK looks to create a robust competitive commercial space industry
  • Policymakers changing to views space as critical infrastructure
  • Germany’s focus on environmental and climate models
  • Transferring Technology from Space Sector to benefit Commercial Sector
  • How Society benefits from Space
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In today's discussion we talk about an extremely hot topic in the latest trend in disruptive technology which we call Socio-tech. We have had so many questions about “what is this new Socio-Technological Era”, that we thought we should take the time to define Socio-tech.

Today's conversation topic will give you an understanding of how we define socio-tech. We want those of you offering socio-tech solutions to reach out to us at Logic Central so we can showcase your solutions.

In our discussion today you will hear how socio-tech solutions will fit the following types of gaps or provide solutions in these area. We hope you enjoy.

  • Provide a Framework for and acceptable behavior in the virtual world
  • Link accountability of responsible humans to technology
  • Enable trust between individual actors in virtual social environments
  • Navigate the new virtual social environment
  • Determine relevancy of the vase sources of information
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Today’s Guest who we simply reference by first name is currently experiencing a life transition. He has shown quite a bit of courage by coming on the show to talk about his challenge and difficulties in an attempt to help some others who may be experiencing similar life changing events. <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Gaining some great incite from the challenges of one individual's life, will help all listeners grow in their own. It is a rare treat today which I hope you all can benefit from. Some of the highlights:

  •                Identifying life’s challenge areas

               Human compatibility for the rational minded                The dynamics that hold us back in the work environment                Removing obstacles which goals create in our lives                Our guest advice - marriage is not a check box in your life

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Our guest today is our newest Life-Logic Certified Trainer candidate Sarah Nasser. From the scared student that swore to never set foot in a school again to the teacher that helps the same scared students today. Hear Sarah’s story and be inspired. <?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Join today as you learn the reasons why Sarah has chosen the Life-Logic path. We love her passion and desire to improve the lives of people around her.

Welcome to the team Sarah!

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